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Orange BlastIndoor
Whatís not to clean on one of these fun machines? Let Greased Lightning Orange Blast loose on engine grease, built-up grime, even grass stains. Use only on cooled engine and avoid spraying on aluminum components, drive belt and battery.

From the driveway to the parking bay, Greased Lightning Orange Blast works wonders on everything from grease spots to grimy buildup. Pour directly on stained concrete and let stand for 10-15 minutes. Scrub surface with a well-bristled brush and rinse clean.

Coolers & Ice Chests
Keep your outdoor gear in party condition inside and out. Apply Greased Lightning Orange Blast full strength to all surfaces and bring back the bright. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Grease and grime donít stand a chance against the cleaning power of Greased Lightning Orange Blast. Use only on a cooled engine. DO NOT spray directly onto aluminum components, drive-belts or batteries.

Garbage Cans
Garbage cans are a veritable wasteland for germs and odors! Get the smell out and brightness back by using Greased Lightning Orange Blast full strength on bins, buckets and pails. Rinse with clean water.

Mowers & Lawn Equipment
The degreasing power of Greased Lightning Orange Blast cuts through the toughest grime. Spray directly on greasy parts and rinse clean. For tough, built-up dirt, spray on area and let penetrate for 1-3 minutes. Use only on cooled engine. Avoid painted surfaces and drive belts.

Parts Washer
When it comes to cleaning parts washers, Greased Lightning Orange Blast is the right tool for the job. Use full strength or dilute as desired. Thoroughly rinse iron or steel parts and coat with a rust preventative if necessary. DO NOT exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit in heated parts washers.

Plastic Accessories
Use Greased Lightning Orange Blast to clean all your plastics down to the squeak. Dilute 4-to-1 with water and soak in a basin for 20 minutes or more - depending on your level of grime. Remove, wipe lightly with a sponge and rinse clean.

Rubber Mats
Get rid of stomped-in grease, grime and dirt with a powerful shot of Greased Lightning Orange Blast. Spray directly onto mats and rinse. Wipe lightly with a sponge if necessary.

Stainless Steel
Stop going in circles with other scrubbers, Greased Lightning Orange Blast lifts dingy grime off stainless steel in a flash. Dilute 4-to-1 with water, apply and wipe clean. DO NOT use on aluminum surfaces.

The cleaning power of our Orange Blast formula helps make short work of messes in and around the toilet. So now the worst chore in the house can be the fastest one.

Work Sinks
Grime, slime, grease and scum are no measure for the cleaning power of Greased Lightning Orange Blast. Just spray directly on sink surfaces and fixtures, rinse, and stand back proud.

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