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Vinyl baseboards get scuffed, grimy, even scummy, but Greased Lightning Super Strength quickly wipes away the dirt - so you spend less time cleaning, and have more time on your hands.

Bathroom countertops come clean in a flash with Greased Lightning Super Strength. Wipes away make-up smears, soap scum and more to make bathrooms sparkling clean. Not recommended for granite, marble, clear-coated or laminated surfaces.

Replace grimy handprints with a flash of brilliance. Try Greased Lightning Super Strength on doorknobs, cabinet pulls, faucets handles, spouts, and light switches. Not recommended for pewter or brass. Remove quickly from fixture gaskets and seals.

Litter Pans
Your kitty’s bathroom should look and smell as clean and fresh as your own. Squirt Greased Lightning Super Strength directly on the empty litter pan, and then rinse thoroughly for level of clean your pet will approve of.

Fumbled your foundation? Accidentally dropped your favorite shade of shadow? No worries. Greased Lightning’s powerful Super Strength formula cuts through oily messes, leaving only the shine behind.

Plastic Blinds
Open your eyes to a new level of clean. Simply remove blinds, soak them in a solution of tub water and Greased Lightning Super Strength, then scrub with a well-bristled brush and allow to dry. Eliminates built-up grime, dust, even dust mites!

Clean and maintain the luster of glazed porcelain with Greased Lightning Super Strength. Simply apply, rinse and quickly wipe dry. Not recommended for old porcelain or porous surfaces.

Shower Doors
Give your squeegee a rest and let Greased Lightning Super Strength tackle the soap residue and mineral deposits that are clouding your shower doors. Just spray, rinse and shine on!

Soap scum and toothpaste residue are no match for the cleaning power of Greased Lightning Super Strength. Just spray directly on sink surfaces and fixtures, rinse, and done.

Tile Floors
Greased Lightning Super Strength strikes hard against built-up dirt, grime, even hair product and deodorant over-spray.

The cleaning power of Greased Lightning’s Super Strength formula helps make short work of messes in and around the toilet. So now the worst chore in the house can be the fastest one.

Bring on the grime, we’ll bring on the shine. Just spray Greased Lightning Super Strength directly on tub surfaces and fixtures, then rinse to let the clean sparkle through.

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