works fast on practically everything in and around the house offering superior cleaning and stain-fighting in a flash. The multi-purpose formula is versatile enough to be used every day leaving behind a refreshing spring rain scent. Inside and out, Greased Lightning makes your entire home sparkle. Greased Lightning cleans in a flash!

  • Helps your kitchen sparkle from floor to ceiling fan. Cleans where grease and grime hide.
  • Cuts through dirt, mud, and clay to help keep outdoor play equipment clean.
  • Eliminates hard-to-treat wine, juice, and food stains from fabric.
  • Pre-treats ink, grass, blood and make-up stains. A couple of squirts zap laundry clean.
  • Makes bathrooms sinks, tubs and showers soap-scum free. Cleans floors and fixtures, too!
  • Blasts through caked-on dirt and stains from mold and mildew so your patio is always ready for fun.
Greased Lightning Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Family Room
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